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Maryland Service Dog Public Access Test

This is not a federal and state recognized test. This test is not affiliated with any specific service dog trainer or organization outside of Dog on Duty LLC. This test has been created by service dog handlers who wanted to create a more accurate test to better represent the ADAs laws and not socially created rules about service dog behavior and expectations.

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The MD Service Dog PAT is a 10 task exam in which the handler and their service animal must pass each task set as a pass/fail. If the team successfully pass all 10 tasks they will receive a certificate and the optional Velcro patch (for an additional $10).

Cost: $30 for exam which includes certificate with a Pass grade as well as the evaluators time. +$10 for the Velcro patch.

Location: Will be chosen at Evaluators descension and worked out with participants ahead of time.

Time: Estimated 45-60 minutes. Each individual get a private exam so they can go at their own pace.

Video and Handbook with details of exam coming soon!!


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